2051 Los Amigos, La Canada Flintridge, CA

Additional Staging!  I staged this 5400 sq.ft. home three months ago.  Initially, the realtor  and I decided on focusing on the Living Room & the Dining Room three months ago, but the property has not sold yet so we decided to go a little further with the staging.  We focused on the downstairs living spaces and a separate building that is outside.

Featured are before & afters of the two new areas I concentrated on with the second phase of staging.  The house is huge and called for furniture that is much larger and in scale with the rooms.  I tried out a new vendor for some of the pieces I used and I could not be happier.  I carry a minimal inventory of furniture and then fill in with accessories that I hand pick for each property.  Personally, I think the house turned out great!

If price wasn’t an issue - I maybe would have staged the master bedroom, because as a stager of course I would…I’d like to see every room staged, but a seller/realtor has to know when to stop and I understand that as well.