4358 Fairlawn Drive, LCF

This listing is near and dear to my heart!  Nearly 6  years ago when I was first getting started with getting my career going after focusing on my family for over 10 years, I was hired by this family to do the interior of their home.  I was challenged by mixing in their existing furniture and updating the rest of home.  The family has hardly changed a thing in the house over the last 5 years.

They had put the house on the market about 9 months ago with a realtor I am not familiar with.  I'm not exactly sure if they ever go offers or what the story was but ulitimately they took the house off the market during the holidays and then decided to list with another realtor.  The owner called me asking me my opinion of who she should interview as her new realtor and I was more than happy to give her my opinion.  She took my opinion and listed with Janice McGlashan.

After Janice was on board, I came in and did my thing staging the house, they had photos, caravan & there was an offer a week later!  Luck...coincidence...good team work?  Maybe a combination of them all!