CINDI CONSULT ONLY (Owner DIY) vs Cindi Staging

Where has the spring gone?  I don’t feel like I’ve been as busy as last year, but when I look through the MLS I realize I have been working!  It’s just been in a little different way than in springs of past.

It seems like today’s sellers are taking the comprehensive reports I put together during our initial consult and then executing the suggestions themselves.  Do they do all of my suggestions, NO, but they do most.  Do the rooms look like they would had I actually done the staging myself, NO, but they do a pretty good job.  

When I’m actually involved with the process of preparing the house for photos & caravan, I’m looking at the house from the perspective of how the camera is going to take in the room with the furniture arrangements, the accessories, etc.  I am trying to add the most drama & expand the room by furniture arrangement and placing accessories in order to make the eye travel through the photo and create balance.

Listen I’m just being realistic, even I have to edit my own house for photos.  My friend and I took a video of my house a while back and I took about half of the accessories out of my house for the video.  Editing of every house just has to happen in order to create space that translates through the lens of the camera.

Realtors, encourage your sellers that by having a stager involved the most important marketing tool for the property, the photos, are going to be so much better.  You need to have a second pair of eyes to look at each room and prepare it for the camera & for buyers.

Recent listings I was involved with can you tell which ones were Consult Owner DIY or Cindi’s Staging?  Click the link for each home.

4357 Encinas Drive, LCF 

1717 Bonita Vista, LCF

860 Flintridge Avenue, LCF