Exterior Color | Before & After

Often my clients like to play it safe and go with standard colors for the exterior combination of their homes.  They don't want their house to stand out too much, they are afraid of color, etc.  This client in particular really needed a "bang" on the front of their home.  Every house on their street seemed to be the same shade of beige, tan, yellow - I almost drove by her house every time I went there because you just couldn't tell who's house was who's on the street. - they all just blended together.


Thankfully she trusted me when I told her she should go a little bolder and we looked at about 5 different colors on the house and came up with this combo.  The color scheme on the outside is reflected on the inside of the home as well.  

New light fixtures will be installed next week but I was just over there yesterday and am so happy with the outcome I wanted to share it!

I'd like all homeowners to know that there is life beyond the color charts supplied by the paint store!  Think outside the box a little!