Shades of Grey & Gray

Recently I've been working with a client on exterior house colors for their ranch home, which made me remember these photos I took when I was back in Ohio on my last visit.  Grey/Gray is one of my favorite colors.  If you looked in my closet, you would see that about 50% of my closet is grey/gray!  I love the color - it goes with everything!

I go home to Worthington, Ohio usually once or twice a year, but this year in particular was a tough one for our family.   My step-father passed away back in late October, then my Grandmother passed away in May.  I was back a few times and while back I always go on my runs through Colonial Hills & Old Worthington.  I was inspired this last time by all of the cute grey/gray houses scattered about in the community, so I decided to take photos while I was on a long run.  These are some of my favorites...would any of these colors work for my client?  So many different shades of grey & gray...


Spring in Ohio is so pretty anyway, but these are some of my favorites...


This is a photo of Old Worthington!  So cute!  This is such a special community...I feel lucky to have grown up there and just wanted to share how cute the town is! 


This is MAGGIE!  Funny story actually about Maggie the dog.  My uncle had been living with my Grandmother as her caretaker for a few years.  He was depressed and feeling cut off from the world to say the least as he had lost his house in Florida due to the hurricane and significantly changed his lifestyle moving in with his mom.  One day this adorable dog just wandered into my Grandma's house and never left.  She became part of the family and the community immediately.  Colonial Hills is the most dog walking, dog visiting community I have ever seen!  Daily Maggie would probably have about 7-10 dogs come and have a little run around the yard for some fun and exercise.  During these visits the owners of the other dogs would stay and talk to my uncle and "shoot the shit" if I must say and this ultimately helped him to break out of his "dark" period.

You might be saying...why didn't they try to find the owner of the dog, right?  Well Maggie's previous owner actually found my uncle & grandma.  He thanked him for taking Maggie in and told them how it had become too hard to take care of her because of the financial responsibilities of a dog.  The owner literally brought this dog to their community and let her loose knowing that someone would take care of her.  I really think Maggie was some sort of divine intervention!  Crazy how things work...anyway...long story short, she was my running partner while visiting!  Brick sidewalks cute is that!


Oh yeah..and Maggie is the prettiest shade of Gray/Grey!