Why should we paint to sell our house?

5144 Frederick Avenue, La Crescenta, CA
I worked on this house recently with realtor Bert Eaton and the sellers.  The sellers went into the initial appointment with me knowing that they were going to do “some work” on the house before listing.  They were completely open and ready to all of my recommendations and you can see the amazing results were made by just having a little faith.  They sank all of their budget into the cosmetic fixes such as painting, carpeting, landscaping & new light fixtures, so I did not do any actual staging in the house.  But as you can see…PAINT goes a long way!
 The curb appeal of the house is wonderful now…before it was a drive by and not really noticed, which is why I decided on the yellow door.  I realize this is not a color that you see on a front door very often, but the color combo looks amazing and brought the house from the 1960’s into 2012!  I love it!
About a year ago I stumbled on a website called Pinterest.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you must!  Click on the link and you will be addicted!  It is how I came up with the color combo for the exterior of the house.  This site is a designers dream for research at the simple click of my mouse!