Coming Soon!  Flintridge Traditional:  This is a good one people!  It is going on the market in a couple of weeks…here is a click thru to see all of the photos for a sneak peak!  Listed by Carey Haynes of Coldwell Banker

This house is a stunning traditional one story rambling ranch located in the Flintridge area of La Canada.  Renovations were done to perfection on this house!  It is just beautiful!  The owners only obstacles for having a perfectly ready to show house were that they have kids and toys and an empty living room. :)  When I consulted initially I knew exactly how we were going to fine tune this house to make it a shine even more!

I usually don’t provide before and afters but as you can see, they made only minor adjustments from my suggestions to the exterior curb appeal by adding landscaping spruce ups, adirondack chairs and a nice plant by the front door.

The living room we actually borrowed furniture from one of the other rooms, the piece against the far wall - it is a beautiful secretary that they were using as just storage in their bedroom.  We moved the piano from the family room into the living and I filled in the rest of the room with chairs, a rug & accessories from my inventory.  It is beautiful!

The family room really just needed a colorful rug, throw pillows and some nice lamps also from my inventory!  Lighting is important!  

Remember even though you might have overhead lighting, having floor lamps and table lamps makes a room feel more initmate.