Ahh…my little nook!  

This is a little corner in my house that I posted on HGTV’s Rate My Space and on the awesome website Houzz.  I had sort of forgotten about my posting on Rate My Space until today when I received notices that it was featured as one of the Top Rated spaces!  That is exciting!  On the website Houzz my favorite little nook has been featured in a few Contributing Editors idea books and has been added to almost 2600 members idea books.

So…you might be asking me why I’m sharing this, right?  Well, honestly just because!

This is a collection of some of my favorite things!  The initials are of course the initials of each of our names in our family, the painting of the dog was done by my daughter when she was 11, there is a picture of my Grandma on her front porch when she was about 20 and the rest is well, just to set the scene!

Was this always like this?  No!  The ledges hadn’t been used in about 5 years - just was schlepping them from house to house.  But when we moved into this house about 2 years ago, I built this nook from scratch from a pile of my accumulated “stuff”…and it just fell together perfectly!

Look around and think outside the box when your trying to create that special wall arrangement!