July - December...I was pretty darn busy!

There are times when I wonder why I have not been bloggin' my staged properties.  Is it because I'm not really that busy and being lazy or am I just too busy?  I was pleasantly surprised as I looked through my photos that I have been pretty darn busy over the last few months.  

The power of staging...it is in this gallery!

Of all the below properties (all but the last three) the owners let me loose on their houses and trusted the process of preparing a house and listened to why I was proposing removing certain items, painting rooms, clearing out photographs, bringing in stylish|fresher|hipper decor - setting the stage for buyers rather than themselves.  Pictured here - the top twelve houses - all but one went into escrow in the first week (and that is just because it doesn't get listed until next week) and all had multiple offers and fetched over asking!  The bottom three - they sold, but didn't do the majority of the staging suggestions and it took a little longer to finally sell.  Was it just their luck at the time, the market at the time or the fact that if they went just a little farther with staging the house would have grabbed more attention?  

Here are some highlights from the latter half of 2013:

Upcoming Market?

Things are going crazy right now so look forward to more highlights over the next few months!  Spring has sprung and sellers are getting their houses ready!  Lots of houses it seems like!  I will try my best to put out listings as they are up on the MLS!  There are going to be some great ones coming up...