3551 Giddings Ranch Road, Altadena, CA

Another example of one of those properties that had been on the market with a different realtor with no success and then the owners decided to list with Ben Kelly, Coldwell Banker La Canada. Ben and I have worked with each other in the past and when he got this listing knew I'd be able to help steer the sellers towards having a more photo friendly & buyer ready property.  Just a few changes here and there make a huge difference.  These owners were forgetting one of their main assets to their property, the back yard!  Remember these things when you are getting your house ready to sell:

  • Curb appeal, landscaping & outdoor living are VERY important!  Don't overlook these areas of your property.
  • Artwork:  Don't hang your artwork TOO HIGH!  This is the funniest thing actually!  Men seem to always hang artwork about 8 inches too high.  I have no explanation for it but it just seems to be that way in every house I stage.
  • Bedding:  Always remember if your bedding is over 2 years old...it is time to get new fresh bedding & bath linens.  It makes a difference!
  • Family Photos:  DO NOT take down all of your family photos.  When I go into a house that the family photos have obviously been taken down, to me is signals that there was a divorce, etc.  I think it is more important to only have a few key photos around so that a buyer can see that there is a loving happy family who has lived in the house!

This house is currently in ESCROW!  After only 1 week!  Way to go owners, Ben & me :)