About this site, and a little about me


I grew up in the midwest in a divorced home living with my mom and my brother in a small two bedroom apartment.  My mom lived in the basement for a while, then we decided each one of us should probably take a stab at living in the dungeon!  We moved our apartment around almost monthly it seemed to make the space fresh and inviting...hence my passion for what I do!

While I did attend The Ohio State University for Interior Design, I often say that my mom and my stepfather were my teachers for what I do now.  My stepfather was a home builder and we together finished the basement in my first home I shared with my husband of 20+ years and our two children Madison & Jacob.  Between my mom, Steve and I we worked together on many other projects for our families homes and I value the knowledge I acquired while working with them.

Over the years I've tackled painting, drywalling, electrical work, torn down walls, installed window treatments, landscaped, designed pools & bbq areas, designed and remodeled kitchens & bathrooms, etc..



My Passion

I don't know how to explain why I love what I do other than to say that I get excited to see rooms transform and take on balance.  Sometimes the transformation is as easy as using your things in your house and moving them just a bit or we add a few items here or there or I stage the entire house with my inventory.  Whatever the task I always think of it as a collaboration between myself and the homeowner to make the space the best it can be.

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