Vintage Finds at the Rose Bowl

Last weekend my daughter Madison and I went to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet while she was home from school.  We love going and since she's been away at college I've had to go having her for the shopping trip was a treat!  She's got a great designer eye and scored this beautiful glassware set, granted she's only 19, but she for some reason loves glassware and dishware especially jadeite.  After some bargaining she got the lady down to $25 on this beautiful set and she's going to let me use it for staging until next year...this year she is still in a dorm :)


She also found this great mixer along the way...only $18 and has a jadeite bowl which sold separately would have been three times that!  Does it work, we still don't know but who really cares!  It looks great even it if doesn't work and yes I will use it for staging somewhere along the way!


The best find of the day was this vintage linen drapery we grabbed from a vendor who I will visit again and again..I loved her stuff.  I have a client I've been working with over the last few months that we've been trying to find just one more fabric to bring everything together in her recently purchased totally cool Olde Town Pasadena Condo.  It couldn't be just any fabric from Calico Corners or downtown though, she has a specific style I'd like to say is "the original Anthropologie"!  Everything has history and meaning but is never "matchie matchie" but all works together!  My client is 67, but you'd think she was in her early 50's - I just love her!  Anyway this was the icing on the cake and I'll share after photos of how the Condo came together with this one vintage fabric.

Looking forward and anticipating an exciting & challenging year!

I have to was sloowwww right before the end of the year. I worried a little, but it was kind of nice actually though the timing worked out for a major life event for our family.  My stepfather passed away at the end of October.  He had a short hard battle with cancer.  

Steve was a person that I learned a lot from over the years.  He taught me a lot about construction, the timing of when you put in electrical, drywall, flooring, etc.  He taught me about painting and how to make a nice clean cut in around trim work.  He taught me about making sure that your conservative with your materials - NEVER WASTE anything! He taught me not to be scared to tackle anything - it can always be fixed, but just try it!

As I am sitting here working at my desk I looked at these two typographical art pieces in my office.  For some reason or another Steve popped into my head.  I actually think had I not had him as part of my life as an early adolescent I would not be doing what I am doing today for a career.  He inspired me to move forward and try things that I am not sure I would have had the guts for had he not shown me the "on the job" skills I learned from him.

The other day my daughter & I went to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet & we found some pretty fantastic things!  I stumbled upon some fabric for a client of mine that honestly...we've been in a bit of a road block!  Finding the fabric was inspiring and brought the whole house together - completely & totally!  Just one vintage linen fabric!  It's made me reflect on these two art pieces in my house, just thinking to myself how lucky I am that not only do I love what I do, but most days it makes me so HAPPY!  Thanks Steve for all you taught me!  Love you always!